Audrey English represents an array of styles that helped shape and influence her music. Audrey's inspirations include legendary artists, such as Etta James, Nina Simone, and Amy Winehouse. She has been described as an old soul, for her interest in such classics and ability to sing in a deep, bellowing tone at such a young age. The balance of soul, rasp, attitude and pure feeling are evident in Audrey's covers and original material. Her haunting melodies and unique tone carry her lyrics just as a writer carries his message and mood. Audrey's ability to write and sing only emphasizes her storytelling ability to captivate listeners, with the hopes of sharing a meaningful message and convey emotions for things we cannot always put to words. Audrey is currently writing, creating, and performing her own material. She has recently opened for and shared the stage to duet the classic "Lucky" alongside multi-Grammy winning Jason Mraz at the INSPIRE Benefit Concert by Las Vegas Sands.