AUDREY ENGLISH is a soulful singer-songwriter based in Las Vegas, NV, from Samoa with deep Polynesian roots. From a young age, Audrey has had a deep love and appreciation for music. Pulling inspiration from the likes of Etta James, Nina Simone, and Amy Winehouse, Audrey has honed in on her powerful voice that she is determined to use to connect to people. With a natural knack for story-telling, Audrey bears her heart for all who will listen. She knows interpersonal love and heartbreak all too well, but she is learning how to be better at loving herself and the right people. This overarching theme of love is omnipresent within all that Audrey does and she hopes her music inspires others, especially women, to love themselves as they are. Presave Audrey's upcoming single, Walls Fall, here - 

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